5 tips to improve your Facebook page

Promoting and advertising is so important for the success of your business. Before, a company or brand would promote themselves by having an engaging ad on tv, or an eye catching ad on a newspaper or magazine. However, usually people will change the channel, or leave the room for the ads etc, this puts a great strain on the company for advertising their product/ service.  Nowadays social media has a huge presence in our lives, and when times and people change, businesses need to change also. Online advertising is now the most effective way to advertise. With facebook being one of the most popular social media platforms, it is a huge plus for every business to advertise themselves on the site. So here are some top tips to take on board when marketing your product/ service on your facebook page!

  1. Ensure your page is a business page and not a friend request account.desire

This is so important for all businesses to remember. Consumers are not going to go to the trouble of adding your companies facebook page, you need to make life as easy as possible for the customers and you need to reach out to them not the other way around. so make sure your page is customer friendly by having a facebook page that online customers can simply ‘like’. This way they get to see all of your offers and promotions at the touch of a button, and encourage people they know to engage with your page too. An example of a company that practices this is a local business called Touch Of Elegance .

2.ensure your profile picture identifies the brand of your company.u-b

How consumers identify your company brand is vital for every business. So when on social media its very important that your profile picture tells the customers straight away who you are, without even having to click on to your page. This will immediately attract potential customers but also brand loyal customers who are already familiar with your brand, to your page. The profile picture for Uncle Bens above is obviously not a suitable image for your page, it does not clearly identify who you are as a brand or what you are offering.


A better example of a brand with a clear profile picture is pringles. Instantly customers can see this very well known brand by looking at their profile picture, and know exactly what they advertise.

3.Have an image of google maps in your about section along with the address.t-o-e

When customers come across a businesses page on facebook and are interested in what that business is offering, the first thing they tend to do is check where your business is located. If they do not know exactly where your business is, they will forget about your company and go and look elsewhere for another business offering the same thing. This is why your facebook page should always have the address of your business in the about section. To make it easier for customers and more appealing to them, you should go out of your way to show them exactly where you are situated by having an image of google maps also in the about section. This is a sure way to lure customers in with a completely hassle free way for them to locate your business.

4.Have an engaging cover photo.dawgJust like its important to have a good profile picture, the cover photo is just as significant. Your cover photo needs to be engaging and lively rather than dull and boring. Instead of just having your brand name in it, have what you represent in it.Whether that is excitement, fun, humour etc. For example the cover photo above for D.A.W.G shows a representation of different adorable dogs that will immediately catch the attention of any dog lovers you may be wanting to attract. What you should avoid is cover photos that are not striking to the people visiting your page.


Here, we have an example of a cover photo from Core that lacks the same engaging qualities as the other cover photo above. It is not only important to just attract people to your page, but it is also crucial to keep them interested when they are on your page.

5. Promote your website and your other social media pages in the about section.


When you are a company selling a product or service, your facebook page is just a way of making your brand known to customers. You want them to see what you have to offer, but also quite obviously you want them to purchase your goods/ service. Therefore you need to have a link of your company website in your about section. Soon enough all your potential customers will find themselves on your website and they will not have to look any further for the things you have to offer. It is also a good idea to show customers that you are up to date on social media by having links to your other social media sites. This ensures that these customers (and new customers alike) can see your ads on all of their social media accounts, and if your brand is never out of sight then it is never out of mind either, what better way to market your brand. Boohoo demonstrates this perfectly here.



So there are the 5 essentials I think that every existing and upcoming business needs to follow to be successful in the advertising world as we know it today. Thanks for reading!


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