3 great brands on Twitter

How you present yourself on social media is vital for your brand, due to the fact nowadays almost everything is based around social media. A great social media platform to show off the character of your brand is Twitter, and here are three brands who demonstrate this perfectly!

Haribo– Haribos twitter page emphasizes the brands image- that is it a fun brand and not a serious one, it portrays this through its use of humour in the tweets and funny pictures that they put up, which always includes their jellies.


we can see their target audience is a mixture of young and old with these tweets, they try to aim it in between so their product is not just seen for one age group.

The purpose of their account is to advertise their brand further, to get people to follow their brand and like their brand so they will purchase their product. Also to get people to crave their product by adding images of their sweets in their tweets, like in their tweet below, they also added creativity to the tweet.



Their biography on their their account is a nice touch because it is their slogan that everyone knows and it rhymes. Their profile picture is their Haribo ‘mascott’,the bear that everyone knows well- this is a good idea because they are easily recognizable to people as soon as they see their picture.


A really important thing when promoting your brand on social media is to make sure you make proper contact with the public e.g. interact by replying to tweets etc. Haribo are good at this and not only do they reply but they reply with humour making them a liked brand with a light hearted,fun approach.


It is important for every brand to do this so that you are popular to the public and they know you care enough to answer them.

Another good thing about their account is the link to their official website in their bio. It is an advantage to your brand to do this so that people can easily access your product and purchase it.

Nutella– Nutella is a very clever brand due to how they make people perceive their brand. They try to advertise the brand as a nutritious healthy product by showing Nutella at the breakfast table, portraying it as a healthy breakfast option along with pictures of strawberries and blueberries etc.


Most of their content is creative videos, showing designs on pancakes, waffles etc using Nutella. The video also features jolly music, all of these positive happy video and tweets they share makes them come across o the public as a happy and fun brand. They also share witty and light humour picture tweets, always featuring a jar of their Nutella with a funny phrase.


We can tell by its content that Nutella is aiming more towards the younger audience because they know that Nutella is more popular with the younger people. We can see evidence of this again in their creative videos and pictures. Like the picture below for example, they are customizing the tweet around Halloween to connect with the younger users, and perhaps the adults of children to show them that this is a product that kids love.


We can see that their clear purpose is to try and encourage people on Twitter to include Nutella in their daily lives by showing all the ways it can be used.

In their biography, they use persuasive language by calling themselves ‘the best hazelnut spread in the world.’  By calling their brand the best, they are suggesting that you do not need to look any further than their brand, it satisfies all needs and there is no other brand like theirs. They want to emphasize the fact that their brand is the original Hazelnut spread and better than any of their competitors. Since Nutella is a very well known brand worldwide, it is so important to have a good profile picture that the public can easily identify you by, Nutella go plain and simple by using a white background and their famous regular sized jar of Nutella. This way when Twitter users see their page they know straight away it is Nutellas official Twitter page.


Netflix – Netflix, alike Nutella is also a clever brand on Twitter. Netflix is a worldwide brand and is popular in many countries. For this reason, they have a number of Netflix Twitter pages depending on the country, for example their is a Neflix US, Ireland and UK, Brazil, Middle East and also a separate Netflix help page. Due to the brand being so popular this makes it accessible to different people from different countries, also trends and shows on Netflix in the US may be different to those on the Irish and UK Neflix. This way each page can focus primarily on their particular location. A seperate help page is also a huge plus, all customers can direct themselves to their help page with any queries or problems and know that they will get an answer.


When most people start watching a series or an episode on their site that they become an addict in the way that they are glued to the show and cannot stop watching it. Netflix can see what shows are most popular in each country, so their content is full of tweets that some what relate to how people think,  they are humorous and lighthearted and they are also aimed more towards the older audience e.g. teenagers and adults, however Netflix caters for all ages with shows for kids on it aswell.

netflix-funny-tweet netflix-relatable-tweet

Netflix are very good when it comes to replying to peoples tweets, this is a vital tactic for any brand because people like to feel like they are being noticed and listened to by the brand, and the best way to achieve a positive relationship is to keep in contact with your customers as best you can.


The purpose of their account is to advertise and promote the latest movies and tv series that they have recently added to Netflix. This is a good idea to inform people when something new comes on, people can then retweet the tweets and pass it into their friends so that they are then reaching potential customers aswell as customers they already have.


Their profile picture on Twitter is their brand logo which appears on their app and all their other social media pages, straight away people know that it is Netflix because everyone is aware that this particular logo represents their brand. Their bio gives people a link to reach their help page, this way customers know exactly where to go with any questions they may have and this page is used only for customer service issues. There is also a button here that lets users easily tweet Netflix.


There is also a link to their official Netflix page on their Twitter page, and when you click this page it brings you to the home page of their site which advises you to ‘sign up free for a month trial’ or else sign in if you are an existing customer. Here, they are really focuses on attracting new customers to their site and using this an irresistible offer that lets you test out the website before you even have to pay. This is a brilliant marketing strategy by Netflix because they know that more than likely after customers sign up, they will start watching series and get hooked on them and not be able to just give up Netflix after the month and therefore they will start to pay the monthly charges for the service.


Netflix cover photo is a nice touch to have on display when people enter their Twitter page, they see this and Netflix cover photo advertises their own newly added tv show that is ‘now streaming’ on their site. They add in the fact that it is a ‘ Neflix original series’ so that they can show people that they wont find this tv show anywhere else besides on Netflix which reels in many customers who may be interested in starting to watch this.



The following are all the best ways to promote yourself as a brand on Twitter, as seen by brands who capture the social marketing techniques in a nutshell!


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