3 Irish Video Advertising Examples

Video marketing is an important part of marketing your brand. It is a great way to get your brand well known and liked by viewers, but it needs to have certain characteristics to make it good and it needs to focus mainly on establishing the brands personality. Here are some brands that do this well:

Aldi– Aldi show their cheerful brand personality in their advert with Paul O’Connell and the young boy. In the ad the boy is saying the ‘Fear of God’ speech,(The speech that Paul O’Connell said to his Irish teammates in the Rugby Six Nations in 2007.)  Then he walks onto the pitch where he is greeted by Paul O’Connell saying “I’ll take it from here.”  This really shows Aldi wanting people to view their brand in humorous light.  Another smart technique they used is having such a inspirational Irish sports icon feature on the advert. This will make people really engage and take notice of the ad due to this public figure. People like Paul O’Connell, he is not a controversial figure and he is viewed by the public as heroic due to his years contribution to Irish Rugby, this makes him the perfect person to have attached to their brand. At the end of the advert they say that a school has the chance to win a training session with Paul, we can see that they are focused on getting people interested in their brand and making their brand liked rather than having an advert with all of their items and prices focusing only on a sale.


Meteor– In Meteors latest advert they show their jolly and humorous side. The advert shows three couples and each one is hinting to their partner what they want for Christmas in a funny way.


They call the ad the Hintmas ad, and use the hashtag #hintforme. They use humor to try and sell their product. For example one man is hinting to his girlfriend that he wants Meteor’s ‘all you can eat data’ deal for Christmas. So as well as  trying to get customers to join Meteor and get this offer, they are also show the cheerful side of their brand. This is a good idea to promote your brand and latest offers, but also get people interested in your brand and emphasize your brand personality to the public.


Oreo– Oreo do video marketing very well. They published a very good example of video marketing last year that played on Irish television. The advert was called the Oreo vampire wonderfilled ad, it was a cartoon ad that told a story through a very catchy song. The song was wondering if giving Oreo’s to a vampire would make him crave milk with his Oreo’s instead of blood. The song is very upbeat and catchy, which is a perfect song to have featuring in an advert. Using a catchy song in an advert helps brand recognition because the public will enjoy the song and find it catchy, and perhaps wont be able to get the song out of their head. Therefore you are giving your brand a lot of publicity and people will start to crave your product if something linked with it is constantly on their mind.


The use of a cartoon and a song also suggest they are targeting towards the younger audience because Oreos are generally more popular with younger people. The advert is therefore not too serious, or long and boring, instead it shows the more lively, fun aspect of their product. Along with this ad they also have a chain of other cartoon ads like this one, also featuring a catchy song sung by the same artist. The other ads feature a different character for example The Big Bad Wolf and again wondering would the story about The Three Little Pigs be different had he been given some Oreo’s. Due to the fact they have a chain of similar adverts, it gets people to recognize the advert straight away when it comes on and know that the ad is for Oreo’s.

We look forward to many more Irish adverts that these brands produce!


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